Open Water Scuba Certification

Where your journey to the Underwater World of Scuba Diving begins!

AchievingYour Scuba Certification has 3 Steps

1. Academics
2. Pool Classes
3. Open Water

1) Academics

Do it at Home

eLearning makes it easy to learn at your own pace. For a more hands on approach, try our live webinars and have direct access with an instructor.

2) Confined Water

Learn the Skills

Learn all the skills necessary to be an Open Water Scuba Diver in a safe, forgiving environment with expert instructors with a combined 100 years of divinga experience.

3) Open Water

4 Checkout Dives

Your final step in scuba certification. Demonstrate the skills you’ve learned in an open water setting surrounded by your favorite fish. Ask about our travel options to do these over a beautiful coral reef in paradise.

Complete Your Scuba Certification on One of Our Awesome Trips


Scuba Network is a professional development center, training scuba divers from their basic scuba certification all the way to the professional levels of diving. We offer group training or exclusive private scuba lessons that allow for a more hands on approach. Whatever your goals are for training in the underwater world, we’ve got you covered.


Go Deeper

Continuing your education with an advanced scuba certification is a great way to accelerate your dive wisdom, build confidence, gain new and perfect existing skills, explore new sections of the ocean and unlock a fresh passion for underwater exploration.


A Must for Any Diver

Rescue Divers are trained to spot emergencies before they happen, how to evaluate an incident, and if necessary, assist in a rescue. Your Rescue Scuba Certification will make you more confident on any dive boat.


Dive into New Environments

Dial in your gear and your skills, and improve your diving ability in Shipwrecks, Caverns, Deeper Depths, or Currents. Learn new equipment from Dry Suits to Photography. We offer scuba certification in myriad specialties.


We strongly recommend that every diver should own their own personal items. We have a large selection of equipment that is offered at a special student discount, and an “in-water fit guarantee” to ensure students are comfortable with whatever they purchase for their introduction to the underwater world. These items are:

  • Scuba Quality Mask

  • Open Heel Fins & Booties

  • Flex Snorkel

  • Wetsuit

  • Personal Dive Computer

  • Training Logbook

Join Our Traveling Scuba Family

Complete your scuba certification abroad with us. Why risk picking the wrong operator or dive site? Take the plunge with like-minded people, and a New York instructor guiding you. Make friends for life while diving the best sites with decades old relationships with local dive operators. Ask about our deals when combining your Scuba Class with a Trip.

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